Tractor-trailer and automotive service and maintenance for owners, operators, and fleet managers for over a decade across Tennessee

With an expertly trained ASE certified staff and the latest tools and diagnostics equipment, CDS is able to handle heavy, medium, and light duty repairs and services of all makes and models of tractor-trailers and autos. Service areas include tires, drivetrain, brakes, suspension, A/C, complete engine overhauls, and more. Additionally, our comprehensive routine preventative maintenance services save trucking clients time and money by keeping their rigs on the road where they belong! We take pride not only in the expertise of our staff and quality of our work, but also in the personal relationships that we forge with drivers and fleet operators. Our repeat clients have formed close bonds with us which allow us to offer an exceptional level of customer service. Constant communication with the men and women driving ensures we are able to perform routine preventative maintenance in a timely, effective manner by keeping tabs on the semi trucks that we serve.


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