Have you stumbled across the phrase “ASE-certified” in connection to automotive repair and wondered what it meant? The ASE designation, shorthand for those certified through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, is one indicator—though by all means not the only one—of a quality repair shop. That’s because only automotive technicians and mechanics who pass the ASE test and keep regular certification can remain ASE-approved. The ASE has also set the industry standard when it comes to quality repair and maintenance. Keep reading for a brief guide to ASE, its certification process, and why it’s an important component of a repair shop’s portfolio to employ ASE-certified specialists.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

First of all, the ASE is not a government or regulatory agency. As is the case in many fields, even those with such regulatory bodies, the ASE is a non-profit organization which was started to act as a third-party vetting process in the automotive repair industry. The ASE began in 1972 and has certified more than 300,000 automotive technicians and service professionals across the country since that time.

The ASE’s certification program began as a way to improve automotive service and repair via its testing and approval process. As such, it has set the industry standard for automotive education and expertise. It gives technicians an opportunity to show they’re knowledgeable and experienced enough to pass ASE certification. This means it works as a good metric for consumers as well, showing potential customers which mechanics have been recognized for their skill and expertise.

Any technician ASE certifies is required keep their certification up to date. This means passing another test, or even group of tests, every five years to ensure every certified technician is current with the latest in automotive technology advancements.

The Tests

A panel of automotive industry professionals from across the United States is called on to write the ASE certification tests. This group includes current technicians, auto manufacturers and educators. Tests are broken down into several areas of expertise—including standard automobiles, medium and heavy trucks, truck equipment, automotive maintenance, and collision repair—and cover scenarios a technician is likely to experience during a normal day on the job.

An automotive professional can earn certification in one or many of the more than 50 specialties available, including as a master automobile technician. Anyone who passes multiple tests in one or more specialty can earn ASE master status certification.

Additional specialty certifications include:

  • Engine machinist certification
  • Parts specialist certification
  • Electronic diesel engine diagnosis specialist
  • Alternate fuels certification
  • Undercarriage exhaust systems specialist

Other Requirements

According to the ASE, one-third of test participants won’t pass on their first attempt and must retake the test to earn a passing grade for certification. ASE certification was designed to require extensive training and knowledge in the industry, including keeping up with ever-evolving technological trends. But passing scores are not the only requirement for certification. Technicians must also have completed two years of on-the-job training, or one year with an accompanying two-year degree in automotive repair.

ASE-Certified Auto and Diesel Mechanics in Knoxville, TN

The technology inside of today’s vehicles is constantly advancing. This holds true whether you’re dealing with a pickup or semi. If you own your own truck, it’s special to you. If you own your own fleet of trucks, it’s your breadwinner. Regardless, you don’t want to trust your repair and maintenance needs to just anyone.

At Certified Diesel Solutions, our ASE-certified technicians bring the experience, commitment and expertise needed to treat your equipment right. Research has shown ASE-certified professionals are more productive and carry a greater first-fix accuracy rate than non-certified technicians. We also employ the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, earning us a reputation over the past 11 years for providing high quality tractor-trailer service and maintenance across East Tennessee. We handle service for all makes and models of tractor-trailers and automobiles. From tire maintenance to complete engine overhauls, we do it all. If you’re in need of an experienced staff for all your repair and maintenance needs, contact us at 865-964-6598 or online to schedule an appointment.