When it comes to car maintenance and repairs, there’s not much you can do to avoid having to go to an auto repair shop during your vehicle’s lifetime. Routine maintenance and repairs are part of a car owner’s overall experience, but it can still spark a range of emotions when any issues pop up. One of the most important things to understand about your vehicle’s maintenance is the person or entity who performs it.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the mechanic who will best complete the repairs themselves, but there are two main structures that these mechanics may work under, which may influence your decision about where to get your vehicle serviced. The two main types of auto shops where you can get your vehicle serviced are dealerships and local repair shops. The person and structure you choose to service your vehicle can greatly impact your satisfaction with the job that’s done and your reaction to future issues, but you need to understand both of your options before deciding.

What is a Dealership Auto Repair Shop?

Dealership auto repair shops are businesses that service vehicles of a specific brand. They are often found attached to or near a dealership that is brand-specific, meaning that it is affiliated with a specific vehicle brand. The mechanics at these types of auto repair shops are specialists in that specific brand and are often factory trained in repairing and maintaining that make only.

When you bring your vehicle to one of these shops, the service may be free if your car is still under warranty with the dealership or the manufacturer, and the mechanics who perform the repairs or maintenance on your vehicle will likely have access to new, original parts that are used in the creation of your specific vehicle. You will also likely speak with a service coordinator rather than one of the mechanics directly, as the dealership repair shop is more expansive than a local repair shop. Often, many mechanics may work at a dealership auto repair shop without engaging with any customers.

What is a Local Auto Repair Shop?

Local auto repair shops are typically smaller in size and staff than dealership repair shops. These shops are generally started and staffed by former employees of dealership auto repair shops, but the staff is cross trained in many different makes and models of cars. Most of the mechanics at these types of repair shops have experience with different brands of cars and may not be specialists in any single one.

Typically, there are far fewer mechanics at a local auto repair shop than are at a dealership repair shop. This means that you will generally consult directly with the mechanic who will be servicing your vehicle. Most of the car parts that are sourced by these types of shops for repair jobs are cheaper, alternative models, as they are not required to use the original part like the dealership mechanics must. Although some local auto repair garages do accept third-party warranties to help cover payment, any dealership or manufacturer warranty will hold no sway in a local auto shop, due to the mechanic themselves being independent of either organization.

What are the Benefits of Local Repair Shops?

While there are pros and cons for each of the common types of auto repair shops, servicing your vehicle locally may prove to be a better deal for you in the long run. Because of their size, local auto repair shops are not only cheaper but tend to result in higher customer satisfaction.

More Cost Effective Service

At local auto repair shops, customers tend to service their vehicles at a far cheaper rate than at a dealership repair shop. This may be due to several different factors, including the cheaper cost of equipment.

One of the most expensive aspects of getting your vehicle serviced is the cost of the parts that are required for the repair or maintenance. Over the course of your vehicle’s lifetime, you are likely to experience a situation in which an entirely new automobile part will need to be replaced by a mechanic. At a local auto repair shop, you will have several different options in the part that will be purchased for your vehicle. At a dealership, there are certain restrictions on automobile parts that can be used by the mechanics. These parts are often expensive, and the customer has very little bargaining power to find something cheaper. Conversely, at a local repair shop, the staff is not limited to specific equipment and can often source alternative parts which come at a fraction of the dealership price.

Additionally, local auto repair garages tend to be cheaper for customers than dealerships because of the amount of training that the staff receives. While most local shops are started and staffed by former dealership technicians, at the local auto repair shop they are not specially trained in one car brand. Because the mechanics cannot charge their labor at the rate of a specialist, the labor cost becomes much lower, contributing to a lower total bill for the customer in the end.

Better Customer Service Relations

Even though local auto repair shops may not have the glitz and glamour of a dealership’s waiting room, customers tend to be more satisfied with their overall experience. There are several reasons that this may occur, such as a local repair shop offering a more personalized experience, unbiased advice, and motivation to complete repairs well and quickly.

At a dealership repair shop, the customer generally speaks with a service advisor and not the mechanic who will be working directly with their vehicle. While this may not always turn out to be detrimental to the outcome of the repair, some customers find it a more satisfying and personal experience to speak directly with the mechanic who will be servicing their vehicle. At a local repair shop, you are likely to communicate directly with the mechanic who will complete the maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, so you can be sure that no wires will get crossed.

At a local repair shop, staff is not limited by their loyalty to one particular brand. This fact may prove to be helpful if you are seeking unbiased advice about a specific problem in a certain line of vehicles. At a dealership, there is strict brand loyalty, so you may not always get the straight-shooting advice you’re seeking.

Local auto repair shops are more highly motivated to turn out good results for their customers, as well. At a dealership, it’s not uncommon for the staff to work on hundreds of cars per month. While customers may have had the opportunity to speak with a service advisor, the mechanic is largely removed from the customer, making the experience impersonal. At a local auto repair shop, there are fewer cars being worked on by fewer people, making it extremely important for the mechanics there to produce better results.

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