The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 12% increase in jobs within the Diesel Mechanic profession. That rate is higher than most professions and is making the market attractive to potential employees. With projected growth and stable salaries, a person looking to becoming a mechanic has a hopeful future. If you are considering a career as a diesel mechanic, you can complete training while you are employed, in fact there are options available to you.

Growth Expected in Specialized Diesel Mechanic Fields

Considering a job as a diesel mechanic is a promising career for the future. Currently, many diesel mechanic employers are facing a shortage of qualified mechanics. This shortage is in part to the increasing regulations which are being placed on the trucking industry to ensure the trucks are running cleaner and more efficiently. Now is the perfect time to complete training for this field. Often, mechanics can be hired right out of an apprenticeship and the ASE exam is not a requirement to work in many organizations.

Diesel Mechanic Training Program Options for Full Time Employees

Flexible programs are available for students who wish to begin training to become diesel mechanics. These programs offer the ability to train at night, or on the weekends so that you can keep your current job while going to school, noting that you should expect to spend an average of 12-15 hours per week committed to school, plus additional course work and assignments. When selecting a program, be sure to research accreditation of the training, expected salary outcomes, and future of the market in your area. Diesel mechanic training programs require hands-on experience to guarantee material being learned is applied practically. When considering a program and are thinking of the costs involved, note that most courses include the price of any needed books within the cost of tuition and require an apprenticeship in order to complete. Most programs take between six months and two years. A second option for training while working is to pursue a hybrid method. This combines textbook and classroom knowledge with hands-on application. In this program, books are usually not included in the price of tuition. Graduates of this program will have to seek out apprenticeships at qualified organizations when completed with coursework. When looking for training programs, it is important to verify that the program qualifies them for certification through the National Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This qualifying certification prepares you to take the ASE exam, if that is part of what you are hoping to achieve. Lastly, if you are ready to dive in, many mechanic organizations offer students apprenticeships while they are gaining training.

Material Covered in a Diesel Mechanic Training Program

When training to become a diesel mechanic, curriculum will include education in diesel engine fundamentals, power trains, fuel systems, and hydraulic systems. Students will be expected to gain knowledge on systems and components of diesel-powered engines including pistons, rings, and crankshafts. Hydraulic brake system training covers in-depth theories including diesel engine components and the design of the system. The coursework in power trains will cover specific components of drive shafts and manual transmissions. In the study of fuel systems, students will practice rebuilding diesel fuel injection systems with a certified instructor as well as gain knowledge on the various forms of diesel fuel systems. Once training is complete from a theoretical standpoint, students will then apply this in a lab setting with their instructors. After graduation, students can earn additional certification by sitting for the ASE exam or a number of other tests to show their proficiency as a diesel mechanic. In order to become ASE certified, students must pass the exam and then gain experience in the following: one year of technical repair, two years of collision damage estimation, two years of service consultancy, and two years of parts specialist.

Certified Diesel Solutions in Knoxville, Tennessee Hires Diesel Mechanics

Within the industry, Certified Diesel Solutions prides itself on hiring the most knowledgeable mechanics. Our staff is ASE certified and has been working with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment on site since 2009. We have been partners since our inception with Rowe Transfer providing top notch mechanical work to keep their trucks running and logistics smooth. Reach out today with questions about diesel mechanic work, training, and more!