Beyond routine pre-trip inspections that check tire pressure and indicator lights, typical diesel tractor trailer engines are recommended to be brought in for servicing between 12-15,000 miles. This depends on each manufacturer’s suggested maintenance, and we cannot stress enough the importance of following their guidelines. We are referring to the servicing more than just basic oil and filter change. As tractor trailers advance technologically, it is recommended to let a certified mechanic keep your rig up and running.

How Often Should You Service Your Diesel Engine?

As suggested, guidance offered by your diesel truck’s manufacturer for scheduling service is recommended. Other factors influence the frequency of needing service including distance of daily travel, driving style, road conditions, and weather. It has been suggested that keeping a tractor trailer in prime condition can allow the longevity of the engine to be well into the 1.2-million-mile range. Below is a suggestion of diesel service maintenance repairs to keep expenses limited:

  1. At 3,000 miles or 90 days it is recommended to change oil and filter, lubricate chassis, check fluids and all belts and hoses
  2. Every 10,000 miles or annually: perform a diagnostic check including everything from number one, including inspecting cooling system hoses, fluids for proper pH (steering, transmission, brake), rotate tires, and inspect for leaks
  3. At 20,000 miles or every 2 years: perform all the multi-point inspections and services as 10,000 miles, but also flush brake fluid to remove contamination from wear and tear, flush cooling system, replace automatic transmission fluid, change filters, service differential

One of the best ways to increase longevity of your diesel truck engine is to decrease the amount of idle time. Modern tractor-trailers accumulate hydrocarbon when set in idle mode for too long. To increase the life of your truck, it has been suggested to reduce idling and follow manufacturers’ aftertreatment guides.

Preventative Maintenance and Regular Service Options for Diesel Engines

Consistent service for your rig is important to ensuring the engine lasts. Pre-service inspections keep tabs on more obvious problems such as loose hoses and air-leaks, but to avoid Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations and keep your equipment running efficiently, more is needed. With the complexity of the ABS and computer-maintained systems, a mechanic trained and certified is your best option. Certified Diesel Solutions has ASE certified staff equipped to diagnose equipment and to offer preventative maintenance and services. We service the entirety of your tractor-trailer from providing roadside assistance to maintaining your diesel drive train. More can be found by visiting our services webpage

East Tennessee Diesel Mechanic Shop Ready to Serve You

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