Chris Lackey began working with Rowe Transfer 12 years ago.  He was originally hired for the rigging team, then one day a forklift broke.  Chris was able to fix it, and he’s been fixing forklifts and the like ever since.  When Certified Diesel Solutions came afoot in 2009, Chris moved over into the position of a mechanic.  Though he did not go to school for mechanics, he is a natural.  Chris has always been the type to work on stuff.  He is part self-taught, part learning through observation, and part lessons learned.  His motto is “if it ain’t broke, I’m still going to mess with it.”

His job with CDS is to evaluate mechanical issues on Rowe’s fleet or other fleets that come into the shop.  Chris enjoys the mechanical planning and customer service aspects of his job.  He loves that every customer that comes to Certified Diesel Solutions is treated as a family member.  The team will spend time with you one-on-one to ensure that your mechanical services are done well.  This family atmosphere of neither workers or customers being treated as a number is what keeps Chris with Certified Diesel Solutions.

When he’s not at work, there’s a good possibility he’s still covered in grease.  Chris has 6 boats, 3 jet skis, 3 four wheelers, and 10 vehicles to keep his gear-oriented mind’s wheels turning.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, Krystal, and 7-year-old daughter, Audrina.  Chris also likes to go fishing in his free time, especially when it’s for crappie.

Have something with an engine that needs work?  Give Chris and the CDS team a call!  They’ll work for you to get the job done.  Calls us at 865-964-6598 or click HERE to contact us online.