Summer is here and the dog days are fast approaching. As the temperature and humidity begin to rise, so too are your chances for engine failure for your diesel truck from the summer heat.

There are a number of issues that can arise inside your diesel engine as we move into the hottest months of the year in East Tennessee. These failures can affect your ability to make your deliveries on time, and ultimately hit your bottom line.

We know you take pride in your performance, both as a driver and for your vehicle. So let us be your guide as you navigate summertime roadways to keep you driving at peak performance. Start with this simple checklist to see if your truck needs service from one of our ASE certified mechanics.


This is the first place you should check this summer. High temperatures make oil less viscous, leaving your semi-truck at risk. The damage this could cause to your diesel engine’s internal components could be a nightmare for your productivity and your bank account.

Get ahead of this potential disaster by checking your oil to see if you’re running low or if your oil looks dirty. Changing your oil is a quick way to ensure you’ll hit the road with less risk of a breakdown. Low oils levels could also indicate you have a leak, which is another dangerous issue that will need to be addressed

This maintenance is something many drivers do themselves, but it’s a smart idea to have an ASE certified mechanic perform the service for you to ensure any unforeseen issues can be caught quickly. This is also a good practice to give your vehicle a quick check-up the same way a person would go in for a physical with a physician.


If you’ve driven a semi-truck long enough, you’ve probably dealt with a few blown out tires in your career. They’re a pain, cause costly delays, and could cause a dangerous accident.

Summertime heat will cause your tires to wear out faster than usual, and a long winter over rough terrain could mean your tires are even more susceptible. Check the tread on your tires before you hit the road. It’ll take extra time, but it could keep you rolling down the interstate instead of on the shoulder with a flat.

Coolant Levels

Coolant is the barrier between you and your engine overheating in scorching temperatures. Adequate coolant levels are essential to keeping your diesel engine running and not smoking at a truck stop.

You’ll need to check your coolant levels, as well as the amount of time your engine has been using the same coolant. If the coolant has not been replaced for a long time, there’s a chance it has become unbalanced and could cause serious damage to the radiator and other important cooling components.

Air Conditioning

Driving in a car during the summer with no air conditioning is miserable, but if you’re driving a tractor trailer for hours in the summer heat with no AC, it could be dangerous. Intense heat and dehydration for drivers could lead to an accident.

Don’t waste time smoldering with no air conditioning in your semi-truck. Let an ASE certified mechanic service ensure you’re on the road in comfort and safety.

Air Filters

This is a part of your vehicle maintenance throughout the year, but go ahead and have your filter changed while addressing these other potential issues. If your air filter is full of contaminants and debris, your diesel engine won’t be able to run as smoothly or as efficiently.

It’s also smart to allow a diesel mechanic to change your filter. An improperly installed filter could cause major damage to your engine by allowing airflow to enter your engine’s fuel system and simply isn’t worth the risk of installing it yourself.


Along with checking coolant levels, check to see if your radiator is leaking coolant or if it has a clogged or faulty hose. This small step could prevent your engine from overheating, which could lead to serious damage to internal components.

A faulty thermostat could also cause overheating. Your thermostat is in your vehicle to sense coolant temperature and allow coolant to flow through the radiator when necessary. When it reaches a certain temperature, it opens to regulate your engine temperature. If the thermostat malfunctions, however, it cannot detect heat and won’t be able to stop overheating.

Again, a diesel mechanic will be best equipped to handle this maintenance.

Thorough Engine Check

Like other parts of your vehicle, your engine will get very hot during summer heat, increasing the possibility of engine failure at an inopportune time. With longer days tempting you to get some extra hours in, you’ll want to have an ASE certified mechanic inspect your engine thoroughly to prevent a much costlier issue down the road.

If you’re a diesel engine junkie or know your way around a garage, you could do this yourself. However, it’s always a safe bet to let a professional give an inspection to ensure any potential issues are addressed early.

Windshield and Wiper Blades

Summer thunderstorms, especially in East Tennessee, can form without warning, leaving you in a dangerous situation while on the road. Protect yourself with new wiper blades so you can keep driving through all those afternoon downpours.

Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance from an ASE Certified Diesel Mechanic

The hottest summer days will be here soon. Be prepared with a trip to a diesel mechanic with the highest levels of certification and experience. A diesel mechanic will know your engine’s weaknesses and be able to address problems before they leave you stranded.

At Certified Diesel Solutions, our team of ASE certified diesel mechanics has years of experience and access to all the latest tools and diagnostics equipment. We can find the root of any diesel engine issue and solve it, giving you peace of mind knowing your truck will safely get you and its heavy load to your destination. Bring in your diesel truck for preventative maintenance and repair services. To schedule service, reach out to us today at 865-964-6598 or online.