Why You Should Only Hire ASE Certified Diesel Mechanics

Why You Should Only Hire ASE Certified Diesel Mechanics

Having access to a team of experienced mechanics is essential to keeping your fleet of tractors and trailers serviced and on the roads. Not only can an ASE certified diesel mechanic perform routine inspections but can also provide repair and emergency roadside assistance. Many fleet operators wonder about the importance of their diesel maintenance and repair crews holding an Automotive Service Excellent (ASE) certification, why it’s such a crucial component of ensuring proper maintenance and diagnosing truck malfunctions.

Importance of the ASE

Like many professional certifications, the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) places rigorous demands on the recipient before being awarded. The ASE ensures that those mechanics who pass the certification have solid automotive diagnostic skills, solid reasoning capabilities, and a thorough understanding of truck engines. By ensuring the mechanics who service your fleet are ASE certified technicians, you’ll be ensuring that your problems are diagnosed quicker and with higher accuracy. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with fewer mistakes and be able to service a larger number of vehicles daily.

Difference Between Automotive and Diesel Engineers

Automotive service mechanics typically work on a full array of cars and trucks but may not have the experience or knowledge of complex truck systems and equipment. Diesel mechanics differ from automotive mechanics in that the specializing on diesel engines in trucks, buses, large vehicles, and other large industrial equipment.

Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnostic Specialist

Obtaining a Diesel Mechanic Certification is the culmination of the ASE process and includes become certified in both diesel engines and electrical/electronic systems, as well as, working in a diesel repair shop for three years in order to qualify to take the Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnostic Specialist Test. Needless to say, if you are dealing with a professional of this caliber, you are, without a shadow of a doubt, dealing with an expert that can quickly and efficiently solve your diesel engine problems.

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