Frequency of Diesel Engine Service

Frequency of Diesel Engine Service

Beyond routine pre-trip inspections that check tire pressure and indicator lights, typical diesel tractor trailer engines are recommended to be brought in for servicing between 12-15,000 miles. This depends on each manufacturer’s suggested maintenance, and we cannot stress enough the importance of following their guidelines. We are referring to the servicing more than just basic oil and filter change. As tractor trailers advance technologically, it is recommended to let a certified mechanic keep your rig up and running.

Meet Mr. Jordan Williams

Meet Mr. Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams has been a member of the Certified Diesel Solutions team for just under a year now.  He came to us after 5 years of being a mechanic for the Army.  His mechanical training was on the job training during his time of service, and he would like to someday get his ASE certification.  While in the Army he was based in Fort Sill, OK and deployed for 2 years to Kuwait in the Middle East.  We’re thankful to have him on staff.  Jordan also on occasion works with our partner company’s, Rowe Transfer, rigging team.  Coming full circle for him, Jordan’s grandfather, Bob Armstrong, was a previously the owner of Rowe Transfer.

Jordan lives in Dandridge and has a six-year-old baseball loving son.  He enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and hunting during his free time.  He’ll hunt just about anything but enjoys white tail deer.  Jordan hopes to go back to school for either chemical or mechanical engineering.

Certified Diesel Solutions in Knoxville, TN can help you with any of your mechanical needs.  We specialize in diesel engines, tractor trailers, and fleet management.  Call us today at 865-964-6598 to discuss how we can help you or contact us online HERE.

5 Common Diesel Engine Problems

5 Common Diesel Engine Problems

As a tractor-trailer owner/operator it’s inevitable that you’ll need to take your diesel engine to be serviced. While having a certified diesel engine technician perform regular maintenance can help your truck run longer and more efficiently, it’s commonplace to experience diesel engine problems resulting from normal operation of the vehicle. The positive news is that your diesel service company should be able to easily fix several common diesel engine problems. Knowing the signs of these common issues can help you and your technician more easily identify and diagnose the diesel engine problem and find a fast and affordable solution.

Diesel Fuel Injector Issues

Because newer diesel engines utilize common-rail fuel injectors, which fire more often than older diesel engines, your newer rig is more likely to have worse wear and tear on injectors over time. A fuel injector that is worn out or tired can be difficult to diagnose, as your engine may still run fine. A common way to pinpoint a worn or cracked fuel injector is an extended period to crank your engine caused by weaker combustion. Additionally, some customers with bad fuel injectors may notice fuel dilution in their oil represented by a rise in oil levels. This derives from fuel draining from the fuel lines and rails back to the tank after engine shutdown.

Decrease in Power

Experiencing issues with decreased power at start-up or when accelerating is a common diesel engine problem. A lack of power can be caused by several issues such as a loose throttle linkage, dirty fuel filters, or fuel injector problems.

Bad Glow Plugs

Your diesel engine relies on glow plugs to ignite the fuel-air mixture, but if they go bad or you happen to install a defective on—your engine will have difficulty starting, especially when it’s cold outside. Outside of hard starting, having more than one glow plug go bad will make it even harder to start and cause extremely rough operation. Ensure that you buy premium glow plugs when replacing them, as the cheaper aftermarket glow plugs have been known to swell or even break causing costly piston-cylinder valve and/or head damage.

Fuel Contamination

Diesel fuel can become contaminated far more easily than gasoline due to its higher viscosity. Common fuel contaminates include water, soot, dilution, glycol, debris, and even microorganisms. Contaminants can find their way into your fuel through damaged caps, seals, or gaskets. Storing your diesel engine for long periods of time can also cause contamination, as will the weather. When contaminants penetrate your fuel system, it can lead to major engine problems and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Black Smoke

Heavy-duty, diesel engines are almost synonymous with smoke, as anyone who has driven by a diesel truck on the interstate can attest. While your diesel engine emanating black smoke can be simply a sign of over fueling, it can also be signs of more serious problems. If your diesel engine is continuously emitting black smoke, you should have your fuel injectors, air filters, valves, valve stem seals, and cylinder liners all checked to make sure there isn’t excessive wear and tear to these components. Having a technician perform regular preventative maintenance on your diesel engine will typically prevent these parts from failing.

Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance

These are only a handful of the more common diesel engine problems that an owner-operator can experience while keeping a fleet on the road. At Certified Diesel Solutions, we service all makes and models of tractor-trailers from engine overhauls to drivetrain services and everything in between. If you experience any diesel engine problems, contact us today to schedule a certified diesel engine technician to diagnose and fix the problem. Give us a call at 865-964-6598 or contact us online HERE.

Why You Should Only Hire ASE Certified Diesel Mechanics

Why You Should Only Hire ASE Certified Diesel Mechanics

Having access to a team of experienced mechanics is essential to keeping your fleet of tractors and trailers serviced and on the roads. Not only can an ASE certified diesel mechanic perform routine inspections but can also provide repair and emergency roadside assistance. Many fleet operators wonder about the importance of their diesel maintenance and repair crews holding an Automotive Service Excellent (ASE) certification, why it’s such a crucial component of ensuring proper maintenance and diagnosing truck malfunctions.

Importance of the ASE

Like many professional certifications, the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) places rigorous demands on the recipient before being awarded. The ASE ensures that those mechanics who pass the certification have solid automotive diagnostic skills, solid reasoning capabilities, and a thorough understanding of truck engines. By ensuring the mechanics who service your fleet are ASE certified technicians, you’ll be ensuring that your problems are diagnosed quicker and with higher accuracy. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with fewer mistakes and be able to service a larger number of vehicles daily.

Difference Between Automotive and Diesel Engineers

Automotive service mechanics typically work on a full array of cars and trucks but may not have the experience or knowledge of complex truck systems and equipment. Diesel mechanics differ from automotive mechanics in that the specializing on diesel engines in trucks, buses, large vehicles, and other large industrial equipment.

Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnostic Specialist

Obtaining a Diesel Mechanic Certification is the culmination of the ASE process and includes become certified in both diesel engines and electrical/electronic systems, as well as, working in a diesel repair shop for three years in order to qualify to take the Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnostic Specialist Test. Needless to say, if you are dealing with a professional of this caliber, you are, without a shadow of a doubt, dealing with an expert that can quickly and efficiently solve your diesel engine problems.

Whether you have a few trucks or an entire stable of diesel-power vehicles, Certified Diesel Solutions has an expertly trained, ASE Certified staff with all the latest tools and diagnostics equipment. CDS is able to handle the service of all makes and models of tractor-trailers, from tires, to complete engine overhauls, drivetrain services, brakes and suspension, a/c service and more. Calls us at 865-964-6598 or click HERE to contact us online.

Diesel Fuel Prices Continue Rising in June 2018

Diesel Fuel Prices Continue Rising in June 2018

Diesel Fuel prices are continuing their climb towards record levels today. Diesel prices typically vary from region to region, however, over the past few weeks, prices have been increasing significantly across the United States, causing some to worry about long-term economic effects for the transportation and refinery industries. According to the Department of Energy, diesel fuel prices rose steadily throughout April and are currently at the highest monthly level since December of 2014.

Improvements in Economy

Some diesel fuel experts say that the decrease in unemployment and an increase in the gross domestic product could be to blame for the steady rise in diesel fuel prices. The strong economy could very well be responsible for the increase in demand, which therefore is putting upward pressure on prices. The global head of energy analysis at Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), Tom Kloza, was quoted as saying that “prosperity in the global economy comes with a price, and it can really manifest itself in diesel or jet fuel prices.”

Other Factors Increasing Diesel Fuel Prices

While many US-based oil and gas companies are excited about the rise in crude-oil prices, it may be negatively affecting consumers and truck drivers at the pump. The reason being is that crude-oil prices and diesel prices are often positively correlated. Additionally, the amount of the total U.S. stockpile of diesel influences prices as well. The Energy Information Administration reported that the total U.S. stockpile is currently at 114.9 million barrels, the lowest level since November of 2014. Because the cost of diesel fuel affects shipping trucks, construction equipment, trains, and ocean vessels, the cost of goods in America will most likely increase due to the prices rising. Additionally, some analysts predict that fuel surcharges could return if the diesel fuel prices continue their trend.

Rising Prices Effect on You

With diesel fuel prices continuing to rise, it’s important to ensure you are continuing maintenance on your tractor trailer or fleet.  Making certain that your diesel engine is running efficiently, and therefore using fuel efficiently, will provide a sense of comfort knowing that the diesel fuel you are putting in is being used effectively.

Diesel Engine Solutions

Have a diesel engine repair or fleet management need? Certified Diesel Solutions has the facilities, tools and diagnostics equipment, and expert, ASE certified staff to handle both routine preventative maintenance and the servicing and repair of tractors and trailers for fleets of all sizes. Call us at 865-964-6598 or click HERE to contact us online.