Over the past year, the trucking industry has seen tremendous changes when it comes to the way it  runs and the kind of trucks that are making their way to the market. In the United States alone, the trucking and logistics industry has seen its ups and downs during the year, all of which have affected the overall production and development within this space. There have been many reasons behind the growing changes in this industry, and even more elements have changed the way work in this field is received. Now that we’re a few months into 2022, it is time to look at some of the trends that are likely to surface in the coming year to see how they would truly impact the trucking industry and even the way your truck runs.

What are the Logistics Trends for 2022?

Industries worldwide are seeing rapid development due to the incredible application of technology that is now being experienced. Here are 10 trends that are likely to surface in the coming year within the trucking and logistics industry:

1. Carrier Bankruptcy

Over the past few months, several large and small trucking companies have closed their doors for business due to harsh market conditions, leading to a growing number of unemployed people.

Retail companies are moving fewer goods from one place to another, causing many trucking companies to lose out because of lack of work. This has caused a drop in profitability within the trucking and logistics industry. The trend is not likely to change in the coming year unless there is a large spike in the retail industry and a significant increase in freight flow.

As a result, many truckers are becoming owner-operators in which they manage themselves and take on the routes they want. While this can allow truck drivers to have more flexible hours, they also are the ones who become responsible for any and all repairs that need to be made to their semi. So next year, if you’re thinking about becoming an owner-operator, make sure that you have a reliable diesel mechanic who can give you a fair price and honest assessment of the repairs that need to be made on your semi.

2. Improvement of Technology

Technology has made widespread changes to several industries, and the trucking industry is not exempt from this. Right from the corporate offices of trucking companies to the very trucks themselves, technology has been improving.

Corporate offices are beginning to employ several software programs to help make their operations more efficient and streamlined. Trucks that are being used are now being equipped with far better technology than ever before, and more trucks are beginning to incorporate ‘smart’ technology to improve the functionality of the vehicle.

The right fleet management company will be able to help you upgrade your trucks with this innovative technology by finding the right software that’s compatible with your semi-trucks, correctly installing the software, and can even help train your drivers in how to use this new technology while they’re out on their next drive. Taking advantage of this 2022 logistics trend can set your trucking fleet apart from your competitors and bring in some major profit.

3. Higher Number of Mergers

While many companies in this industry are going under because of the harsh market conditions, other companies are choosing to go down the alternative route and merge with fellow logistics and trucking companies.

If the market doesn’t improve and if trucking companies don’t have any other alternative to turn to, you can expect to see more mergers occurring in 2022 as well. When it comes to mergers, there are two main routes that trucking companies are likely to divulge into. The first one is to merge with an existing trucking company to be able to pool the resources together and withstand the market. This allows companies to continue their operations and maybe even expand to newer territories. The second route that trucking companies can take is to merge with a company of a different sector to expand the range of services they can provide. This would then help them stay afloat until the market comes to a more favorable point.

At any rate, if you are a part of a merging company, you can expect to see a big change in your routes as a driver. So, make sure that your semi is ready to handle the extra miles and take your diesel truck to an ASE-certified mechanic for a much-needed tire rotation and oil change.

4. Shift in Production Locations

Over the past few years, the production locations for some of the most well-known trucking companies have remained constant and are a business that has only grown with time. However, companies are starting to look at newer locations to be able to conduct their production operations and to be able to meet the demand for trucks that currently exist.

When it comes to Dry Vans, Texas, Illinois, and Ohio stand as some of the locations that companies are likely to shift to.

For Reefers, California and Illinois are the preferred locations.

Flatbed vehicles are mainly being produced in the state of Texas and Pennsylvania and are likely to continue there through 2022.

As you can see, the trucks that are going to be arriving for your fleet to use can be coming from a variety of locations. That’s why most diesel mechanics will recommend to their drivers to make sure that their truck is ready to handle any cold weather conditions. For instance, you can learn how to start a cold diesel engine here on our website so that you can make sure that your new truck gets where it needs to go no matter the conditions of your production locations.

5. A Market Flip

While the trucking industry might not be in the best market situation currently, there are some experts who are enthusiastic about 2022 and all that it is likely to bring. Because of the decline that the industry experienced during 2019, many believe that the industry is likely to turn around and experience a gradual increase, as a result of the new developments that are coming to this industry.

A market flip is expected to emerge in 2022 and is something that can truly help the entire industry and save the several companies that are likely to go under unless the current conditions within the market improve.

With that being said, there may be a chance that you haven’t had as many of your trucks running as usual. Make sure that all your fleet, trucks included, are in top shape and ready to run when the market flips in 2022. A diesel mechanic can help cover everything from common fleet truck repairs to engine overhauls.

With Certified Diesel Solutions, Your Truck Will be Ready for Anything

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